IPhone release (technology queue)

9th September 2014 is the day decided by 3rd largest mobile phone maker Apple inc. for their flagship product iPhone. In 21st century the mammoth attention towards technological advancements doesn’t surprise me but brings out curiosity as to how this world is taking its shape.
In recent years , technological advancements specially in mobiles has gone on a rise. This is a commodity which has penetrated lives of people larger than ever. The attachment of mobile phones with humans is becoming personal day by day. People of all ages are glued to it and exploring the possibilities of making their lifestyles better.
On the on set of this launch , I will say that here comes another advancement for mobile users which will make them more prone to its addiction.

Nexus 7 tablet

Yesterday I bought nexus7 tablet . Im using android system for 1st time & I must say its a pretty good experience. I hope to write blog from this tablet often and pen down my views on net. The most recent thing going in my mind is about “AAM AADMI PARTY”, & I m very eager to write about it